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Low price.

Definitely tempting, no doubt. Nobody wants to find out they could've paid less, or worse, that someone else paid less, or worse still, that someone you know paid less and you've got to hear about it. Good negotiation is certainly a profitable skill, but is a good deal always the best price or is value measured in more than just money?

A Buyers Market.

Tough economic times can be very advantageous to the prospective buyer and extremely challenging to those with goods to sell. The pressure of meager sales, the constant drain of overhead and the uncertainty of the immediate future can lead to some very impressive bargains or some very disappointing outcomes. The upside is motivated discounting. The downside can be short sales, poor service, no warrantee or a disappearing contractor with a heavy deposit.

Get three bids and go with the one in the middle.

Actually, in tough economic times, the high bid is generally the right bid. Sounds contrary to good logic but really makes more sense than you might think. When the economy slows down, money is more valuable. And as prices fall, so does service, quality and accountability. Gotta sell more to make up for the lower price. Gotta seek out the sale instead of service the sold. Quality builders are defined by their high quality. If they're known for their cheap price they're called cheap builders.

Timing is everything.

Absolutely. And how many happy stories ended with "I'm so glad I waited" and how many disappointing ones with "I wish I would've went for it". Waiting through tough times only guarantees that you'll pay more as the economy improves. Going for it gives you the best return for your money, helps keep good people working and improves the value of your most dependable investment: your home.

It's more than I thought it would be.

That's a good thing. Really. Think about it. If it's less, what's missing? A complete price usually includes things you didn't think of in the first place. What is more disappointing, to pay more than you expected or to pay less only to find out later that a lot of essential features were not included, ending up costing more in time and money than it would've in the first place.

I need time to think about it.

Haven't you been thinking about it for so long already? Time is passing while we're busy planning our time. In the time it takes to justify your decision to do what you already know you want to do, the project could be finished and giving back the investment dividends of family gatherings, relaxation and pride of ownership.

Impulse buying.

True. Don't buy impulsively. Buy intentionally. Improve your life and lifestyle intelligently. Invest passionately. Move forward deliberately. Dreams are the plans your heart makes when your mind is too tired to argue. Follow your heart.